The Lazytrains summer vibing at Afrikana

Lazytrains welcome the summer with a program specially made for the summer sessions. Active in recent years in the blues scene of the country, with appearances in music stages and festivals in and outside of Athens, Lazytrains despite the times, continue to write, play music and dream of a world where money does not bring happiness, a world where art unites people and is not on the sidelines. Lazytrains bring the jazz/blues sounds of yesterday to today, using the modern electric sound as their vehicle. The goal is to highlight the transition from the acoustic tradition of gospel and the melodies of the American South to today’s soundscape.

Saturday, July 15, they will be on the Afrikana stage and invite all of us to a summer live, presenting material from their 1st – self-titled – album “The Lazytrains” as well as favorite covers!

Lazytrains are
Maria Ioannidou / voice
Petros Koutroubis / guitar
Lefteris Katsas / bass
Eleni Fyseki / drums


Ierofanton 13 Keramikos, Athens, Greece 2103410445