Africana presents Lazytrains

Africana April 13

Active in recent years in the blues scene of the country, with appearances in music stages and festivals in and outside of Athens, Lazytrains despite the times, continue to write, play music and dream of a world where money does not bring happiness, a world where art unites people and is not on the sidelines.
Lazytrains bring the jazz/blues sounds of yesterday to today, having as their vehicle the modern electric sound. Aim to highlight the transition from the acoustic tradition of Gospel and the melodies of the American South to today’s soundscape
Their compositions are based on the melodic tradition of jazz/blues music and the arrangements they choose are based on the modern perspective of classical tunes. Songs lost in time by unknown composers in harmonious coexistence with modern melodies.
In December 2021, they presented their first complete work, the self-titled album “The Lazytrains” with a successful concert at the Kyttaros live stage.
On June 4, 2022, they represented Greece at the Blues European Challenge organized by the European Blues Union in Malmo, Sweden.
At the end of 2023, Lazytrains participated in the Third Program radio concert organized by Thanos Manzana’s ‘Critical Discourse’ show
Lazytrains are:
Maria Ioannidou / voice
Petros Koutroubis / guitar
Lefteris Katsas / bass
Giorgos Lagogiannis: keyboards
Eleni Fyseki / drums

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